1. Compression stockings

Brand: Jobst

Type: Relief

Gradient of compression: 20-30 mmhg

Size: small

Color: Beige


I was fitted for my compression stockings in May of 2012, at my local Gould’s Discount Medical.


I wear these in the winter! They help keep me warm and help control my blood pooling. I have learned to wear these when I am standing only or sitting for short periods of time. When I sit, they buckle around my knees and can become slightly uncomfortable. Over all, they are easy to wear, wash, and are a great product!


Brand: Maidenform

Type: Control It!

Size: small

Color: beige


I bought this product at my local Kohl’s. I love this top because of the gradation of compression throughout. It is easy to wear under my clothes and the fabric is comfortable. It is easy to wash as well. I love that it helps with blood pooling and shaping my figure at the same time!

3. Tank and Short combo

Brand: Spanx

Type: Assets Red Hot Label

Size: small

Color: beige, black, reversible



I also bought these at my local Kohl’s. I love this pair because they have so many combinations. The top features a black scoop neck, black v-neck, beige scoop neck & beige v-neck depending on what color and side you wear in the front or back. The material is so comfortable and easy to wear. The bottoms can be beige or black and you can also switch which way you put them on. After a few wears your body will mold to the material and a distinct front and back will form. They are somewhat pricey, but durable and worth the investment. I will probably own these for the next 20 years.

5. Shorts

Brand: Maidenform

Type: Flexees, Fat Free Dressing

Size: Small

Color: Black, Beige



These were the first pair of shape wear shorts I purchased. These were also bought at Kohl’s. I have had these for one and half years. They are still in great condition. The material is comfortable, but the waistband can be binding at times. The lace at the bottom can also be itchy against my skin and it leaves imprint markings. The lace however, adds a classy, sexy touch! I choose them in beige and black so that I could wear them with most items in my closet. I still wear them on occasion.

Ending Comments

I also wear leggings & bike shorts as part of my every day wardrobe. These do provide some compression as well as style! If you are interested in looking into compression/shape wear these are some great basics. As a reminder, one needs to be fitted for compression hose, and speaking with your doctor can help. Sometimes you can get a prescription for the hose and in turn, may help with the cost.

I wish you the best on your shape wear hunt! Comment below on your favorite shape wear/compression items!


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