POTS Treatment Center Information Packets

Below are multiple PDF packets of information I have scanned from the POTS treatment center. This is the basic information regarding how they treat and about the treatment as well as an elementary overview of the nervous system. I will get into more depth about each of these topics in the future.

Introduction to POTS Treatment Center: biofeedbackinfoptc.pdf

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Breathing &Breathing2

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (retraining thoughts) :CBTInfo

Water: water benefits

Nervous System Overview: NervousSystemBasics

Home Program Packet: HomePrgmInfo

Temperature Sensor Packet: Temperature Packet

Documentation Templates:TemplatesPTC This includes food lists, exercise protocol, example of daily schedule, natural sleeping aids, and other recommendations as well as templates for tracking your progress.

Please leave comments if you have questions. I will expand greatly on each topic in the coming days! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “POTS Treatment Center Information Packets

  1. ‘Dank u voor deze blog. Dat is alles wat ik kan zeggen. Je zeker hebben deze blog gemaakt tot iets dat is opening van de ogen en belangrijk. Je weet zo veel duidelijk over het onderwerp, youve bedekt zoveel bases. Great stuff uit dit deel van het internet. Nogmaals, bedankt voor deze blozSg. “

  2. Ausgezeichnet lesen, ich habe gerade bestanden diese auf einen Kollegen, der dabei ein wenig Forschung auf, dass wurde. Und er tatsächlich kaufte mir Mittagessen, weil ich es gefunden für ihn Also lassen Sie lächeln mich anders formulieren.

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